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"The more science expands, the more non-scientific grounding we need."

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"Where are we headed?": Manifestos, personal projects, outlines repository

Recently, Natural Hazard kicked off a little informal manifesto-making w/r/t what topics we're interested, what we wanna write about & figure out together. Gonna use this space as a top-level index of individual posts... If you want to have yours up,...

Inexact Sciences02021-02-06 16:40:16.941Z
John Cassavetes

I've only seen Women Under the Influence but it was fantastic. Peli Grietzer recommends Faces and my friend Leo Harding-Hill says Husbands is great. View on YouTube

Cultural Capital22021-02-04 16:28:16.977Z
general theory of signaling

general theory of costly, explicit signaling just dropped: No preview for Twitter tweet: [TyE0LNPV] View on Twitter

Link Dump02021-02-04 09:11:26.919Z
Book Club Wk 4: Games, Art, the Structure of Possibilities

Archive of a past book club. James Carse, Finite and Infinite Games: "Where a society is defined by its boundaries, [culture plays with boundaries,] is defined by its horizon." Where rules (and hence, success) in a finite game are contractually deter...

Book Club42021-01-29 00:58:55.110Z
From measurement to degeneration

Cross-posted from There is no characteristic that is common to everything that we call games... It is a family-likeness term. Think of ball-games alone: some, like tennis, have a complicated system of rules; but there is a game wh...

Surrogation02021-01-28 18:35:45.298Z
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