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Podcast appearances, rolling thread

By suspendedreason2021-03-07 00:41:17.910Z

Hear your neighborhood pals chat on the airwaves.

Kickin it off w/ @beiser on the Henry George Program: Georgism, Memes, and Ideology, with Chris Beise‪r‬

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  1. suspendedreason2021-03-07 00:43:04.075Z

    Here's Crispy and I talking about strategic interaction in our first episode of a new podcast on games—language games, social games, institutional games

    1. In reply tosuspendedreason:
      suspendedreason2021-03-07 00:45:03.452Z

      And here's a thing I did with a bio guy named Nick White a year ago... We talk about psychedelics, simulated annealing, fitness maps, REBUS, and me n @veryragged 's thesis on Predictive Hermeneutics

      1. B
        In reply tosuspendedreason:
        beiser2021-03-11 18:52:45.012Z

        Here’s my other HGP appearance, talking about administration markets: